Sunday, 8 August 2010

Why blog?

Why bother posting a blog? 

Following the article by Jon Beer in Trout and Salmon last month giving away some of the secrets of the Don, I decided to share what is some excellent and very accessible fishing.

Being a recent convert to fly fishing, it seems that many of the places to fish are either very expensive, or have long waiting lists. Whilst they are well managed rivers, for a couple of hours dabbling a resource such as the Don is invaluable, and for a newby to the sport, doesn't cost much to get started, get fishing and catch some fish.
Casting in the heart of the City, on SPRITEs waters

The people I have met so far through fly fishing all seem friendly folk willing to share where they fish, and even invite you to share a rod at some of the venues they are members of. However, for a newcomer without these connections, the internet is an invaluable way of "fact finding".

So, that's one of the reasons I'm writing this blog. It's also a good place to share photos, stories and news about the rivers.

I am not aiming to write a guidebook or give away all the "secret spots", but share some of my trips to the river......

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