Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sheffield on the fly on holiday

Whilst staying with family in the west country, I couldn't help but fish a local stream, 2 minutes walk from where we were staying. After enquiring around, no one seemed to know who owned the fishing rights, and the ground that the stream flows through is common ground belonging to the town. Based on that, I thought it was definitely worth a cast or two!

I was up early and fishing as the first of the dog walkers started their laps around the area.

Once in the stream and fishing, I was able to access areas that were inaccessible by other means, being buried in deep deep gorse on both sides. I was using my 7ft 3wt greys rod, and fishing the duo, with a tiny PTN below a sedge with a foam back. 
This one took the sedge

It was like fishing in a tunnel of vegetation in some places, with only small glimpses of the sky through the dense trees overhead. I think I spent as much time untangling the line from trees as I did fishing!
The stream "tunnel"

Never the less, it was an idyllic setting, and produced some really fun fishing. This is fishing how I like it best!

Some of the trout I caught were barely bigger than the fly, but what a way to spend a couple of hours.

A proper tiddler!

I shall definitely be returning to fish here again, and in the meantime have set my local family down there to find out who does own the rights (if anyone).

Overgrown but great fun

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