Sunday, 15 August 2010

A quick cast

Half an hour as the light was fading. So I went back to the pool I fished on friday, on the Sheaf. There were trout rising again, but the water was a little clearer, so I could see the trout cruising round below the surface.
Taken on fridays trip, but shows the pool I was fishing tonight

A few cast over likely spots with a size 14 black klinkhammer saw no action, though I did see a few fish turn away from it at the last minute. I changed to a size 16 CDC F fly, and extended the leader with a 3 foot tippet of frogs hair. This stuff is ultra supple, and really makes for delicate presentations. It's pretty pricey though, so I only really use it for dry fly fishing, using flourocarbon or "sub-surface" type mono for wet or duo rigs.

Soon after changing over to the F fly i had a take and hit into a decent fish. After charging around the pool for minute, as I went to land it, it came off the hook. Yet again a failed catch! I think the trout round here must have metal mouths!

The fish charging round the pool put the other fish down, and as the light was fading and I couldn't see the fly any more, I packed up and returned home.
Perhaps will try the Don tomorrow morning, if the weather holds.....

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