Friday, 13 August 2010

Where shopping trolleys go to die...

An hour of rain free time on an otherwise dreary day meant we could get out and try some very local water.... and very "urban" it was too.

We started out from the boardwalk in tescos car park on the Sheaf. After clambering over a fence and through the undergrowth, we got to the Sheaf, The water was low, but quite coloured due to the heavy rain throughout the day. We were sharing a rod (7ft 2/3wt), and fishing a duo set up.
Some really tight casting under the trees

Almost immediately I had a take on the duo, but failed to land the fish. Then it happened again. And again. Hmmm, i had a size 14 Pheasant tail nymph on, and the hook seemed sharp. After a couple more failed hook ups, I changed the nymph to a size 16 copper john.

We fished on up the stream, getting plenty of takes but again failing to land any fish. There was evidence of fish rising, but we were unable to tempt any off the top initially.

There were a some nice fast runs, interspersed with slow pools. There were, of course, the obligatory shopping trolleys everywhere!

At one of the larger pools, there were plenty of fish rising, but being a bit new to this game, I couldn't really work out what they were taking. At the large pool, I had a small brownie on the copper john tight up to the far bank.
A little brownie

We carried on up the stream, and just before leaving the stream, I had a take on the Klinkhammer but again failed to hook the fish.
"Sheffieldonthefly" fishing the far bank of the big pool- if you've fished here before you'll recognise the mud feature!

It was a good trip - we explored some stream which is pretty much on my doorstep, and will provide some good fishing. The frustrating thing was the inability to hook into much - suggestions please! Perhaps a smaller nymph? Better hooks?(the ones i used were sharp I think)
Anyway, a worthwhile little trip.
Making our way up from the big pool into the final stretch before the Sheaf comes in from the park.
Urban fly fishing - watch out for the shopping trolleys!

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