Saturday, 29 September 2012

When you can't fish...

So when you can't get out to fish, what else can you do?

and so started my attempts at fly tying.....

I bought a starter pack of material for about 15 quid, and picked up some extra bits and bobs off ebay. The prime reason for me wanting to tie flys is that getting decent flies on barbless hooks without costing more than I'm willing to cast is difficult! The hooks used are hanak and knapek barbless.

So i started, following a few patterns of the internet and making a few up as I went along.

Treacle parkin? (sort of)

Beadhead pheasant tail nymph


Not sure, but is a dry fly!

Beetle with fluo pink sight post
 So, a few of my attempts so far. I'm hoping when work and family life settle down a bit I'll get out and try to see if I can tempt some grayling with some of my creations...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Home waters

A brief after-work visit to one of Sheffield's many small streams provided a good hour of tight quarters entertaining fly fishing.

It's been a while since I fished and I enjoyed being back on the water. I was within 50 yes of two busy roads, but I could have been miles away- the thick vegetation almost completely screened the river from the surroundings.

The fishing was spooky, with the low river making for scared trout!

However, taking time and being careful about presentation rewarded me with a few small trout. I took one on a klinkhammer, and the others on a nymph swung though the deeper pools.

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It's been a while....

So, since I last posted life has changed - the birth of my daughter in september has changed domestic priorities significantly!
However, I have managed to get out fishing a few times, though not as often as previous years.

A family holiday in the Yorkshire dales provided a decent week of snatched hours here and there with the fly rod. We were staying just outside Hawes, within walking distance of the river Ure. For about 35 quid, you can purchase a weeks permit to fish the Hawes and High Abbotside fishing associations waters.

Despite heavy rains in the preceding days, the rivers were fishable. I spent an hour or so on a couple of mornings, and a couple of afternoons fishing. The fishing was great, with plenty to go at. Below is a selection of photos from the week.

Great fishing in a great location. Definitely worth another trip back. The area is beautiful, with plenty to do and to keep the family amused.

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