Monday, 9 August 2010


Today we spent a few hours behind the Trebor Bassetts factory, fishing the Don.

The weather was a bit changeable, from bright sunshine to drenching downpours. We started by walking down to the weir, and fishing up to it and then up river from there. 
Walking in

We fished one rod, sharing the casts, each taking a run or pool each before swapping over.

Fishing was slow, with us both losing a couple of fish and landing one each, all brown trout. I was first to land a fish, a brownie just over a pound.

Matt soon after landed another brownie, a little smaller. Both fish took a copper john fished beneath a klinkhammer.
A sneaky cast - it was from around here I got the decent sized brownie

We worked our way back up, to near the scrap yard, where we both managed to not tempt the rising trout in the pool beneath the bridge.
A nice cast under the willow

A good few hours fishing, in some nice urban surroundings. 
You can smell the allsorts!
Just up from Matt in the picture above, I lost a fish taken on a balloon caddis - after a ferocious take, it managed to get the line round a snag and snap me off. Disappointing, as it was a big splashy take and felt like a decent fish.

There is evidence of the recent balsam bash here - and there are small native species starting to sprout where the Himalayan balsam was.

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