Sunday, 8 August 2010

Near the blues...

Before the start of the new football season, spent a couple of hours down on the Don with my fishing compadre Matt. It was initially an overcast and blustery day, but brightened up throughout the hours we were there.

We started off underneath the roadbridge, fishing the duo, with a klinkhammer on the top fly and a copperjohn as the nymph. Despite changing the nymph several times to a montana, a GRHE and a PTN, the copperjohn was the winner, catching all the fish on this outing. 
A sneaky cast under the bridge

This trip, as I usually do, I started off using a "duo" rig, or "new zealand nymph" type set up. It seems the post productive set up for the local waters, and whilst it does sometimes seem like float fishing with a nymph, I have caught a few fish on the upper fly, and missed several takes on it as well (mainly because I wasn't expecting a hit at that point!).

After having a couple of grayling and a brownie from that pool, we waded across the river and down towards the back of the ground, fishing the glides on the true right side. This produced a couple more small grayling. 
Grayling on the Copperjohn

After a return back up to the bridge, by now hungry for some lunch, a final cast into the bridge pool produced a small chub!

A successful couple of hours, and some fun urban fishing.

The one that got away!

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