Monday, 27 September 2010

Up to Beeley Woods...

Well, its been a little while since i got out fishing. Night shifts this week means that I could get out today, prior to starting my nights. The rest of the daytimes this week will be devoted to sleeping!

I started from my usual spot on Middlewood  road, just near the bottom of Stockarth Lane. I elected not to fish the waters up to the weir, as I wanted to explore a little further upstream, and would only get distracted!

I entered the river just below the footbridge, and waded up through the fast section, fishing as I went. Last time I fished here, I caught a nice trout. This time - same again!

Comparing the picture to my previous good fish here -- it is definately a different fish! The trout here obviously get a good stream of food. This one took a PTN fished beneath a Grey Wulff.

At the pool above, there were fish rising - I suspect grayling taking midges. I had a quick go at tempting them with an F fly, but to no avail. I then switched back to a copper john, and tried nymphing without an indicator. On the second cast I struck into a small brown trout, my first fish out of this fishy looking pool.

Switching back to the duo rig, I carried on up through Beeley woods. The river here is really nice fishing - small runs, little pools, and some overhanging trees.

There was a nice looking run under an overhanging tree, which I persisted with. Soon I was into a decent fish, which charged up and down river a couple of times - putting a good bend into the 9ft 5wt rod I was fishing with.

I slipped him back, and finished off fishing up to the small weir pool above, getting a small brownie on the way. Despite some pretty grim weather - constant "mizzle", I'd had a good couple of hours fishing and explored some more river. I think upstream from Oughtibridge is the Upper Don Fly Fishers waters - I'll keep my eyes open for the signs that mark their lower boundary on my next visit.

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