Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Another quick trip out, this time an hour or so down at the Hillfoot Bridge area. There had been heavy rain a day previously, and though the river was still low, it was moving fast and quite coloured.
Sticking to the usual tactics, I was getting lots of little knocks on a shrimpy type nymph. Fishing just above the first riffle, and tight into the bank, I had a convincing take, and hit into a small trout. Just as I was bringing it to hand, off it went - wriggled off the hook and was away!

I carried up on, along the faster run and up to the weir. No hits at all. I changed from the shrimp to a red tag type nymph, and then onto a sawyers killer nymph. Nothing. The weir pool was coloured and churned, and difficult to fish. I persisted, but to no avail. Chatting to a passer by, he'd seen fish rising down by the bridge, taking daddy long legs and wasps off the surface.  A brief look down there and I couldn't see any movement. Time up, I packed up and headed home. This is one of the first trips to the Don where I've not landed a fish - I blame it on the recent rains! I know there was a recent survey match the weekend prior, which fished pretty well, with one entrant landing 50 fish!

Autumn is certainly approaching - my feet were cold when I finished today, and the trees are starting to turn. Autumn is the end of the trout season proper, and the start of grayling fishing. My visits to the river will probably become less frequent - I had a good august with shifts at work making it easy to get to the river frequently.

However, the autumn is my favourite season for photography, so I aim to get out and at least get some decent pictures!

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