Thursday, 14 October 2010

Getting Colder...

A definitely autumnal feel today - cool and overcast. The river was very clear, and we decided to fish up from the new middlewood road section for a couple of hours, sharing one rod.

As we tackled up, a large fish was jumping across the river, which despite our casts, was not interested in the Copper john on a duo rig.

Moving up to the faster section, we each had a few casts and handed the rod on. As Matt handed the rod to me, the indicator fly disappeared, and I was immediately into a fish - a small brown trout came to hand and was immediately returned - trout season now being closed. His cast got me my first fish!

We carried on up the fast water, and quickly got a couple of small grayling. REALLY small! At least it shows there are young fish, so the head of grayling is breeding and expanding successfully.

Nothing more from the faster section, so up to the pool.

Matt was soon into a reasonable Don grayling, which took the copper john beneath a white wulff.

Lunchtime was upon us, another fun but chilly trip. We packed up and walked back....

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