Friday, 3 September 2010

Sunny September...

A morning trip with my brother to hillsborough, for an hours fishing. Not having waders, my brother was confined to fishing from the bank, so I figured this stretch of the Don would be most suited.
Above the bridge

There was a chap fishing from the bank a little way up from the bridge, and not long after arriving he landed a 6lb Barbel, taken on a lump of sausage!

Back to the fly fishing, it was slower that it has been previously in this area. The river was quite low with a little colour.

We fished one rod, sharing the the runs and pools. After a little while, I had a take on a GRHE, and caught a small chub.
Greedy little chub

We carried on for a little while upstream, but as time was tight, we headed to the pool beneath the bridge, for a few final casts.

Before long Brother Sheffonthefly was into a decent fish - his first on the fly. And what a first fish!

A nice grayling, caught on a copperjohn fished beneath a royal wulff

My brothers first fish on the fly
Time up, we packed up and headed home - a successful trip!

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