Thursday, 25 August 2011

Probably my favourite stretch of the Don..

A video taken during a couple of hours fishing with my brother. Hot weather, but lots of fish!

I have yet to explore the upper don, but understand that some/all of it above oughtibridge is private fishing. Wouldn't mind trying the very headwaters - not sure if they are private or not but will ask around.
If anyone does know the upper limits of the UDFF waters please email me!


  1. great blog, i know the sheaf pretty well, try just below the bridge inn at heeley bottom,or around the back where the path is at side of the comet,my dad would feed the fish in the sheaf just below tesco's where guylees firm was 40 odd years ago,keep up this great blog

  2. Great blog,
    Was looking for some info on the Don so I can try for some grayling while my Mrs shops at MeadoHell tomorrow.
    Glad to see you like the passport beats, although they can be excruciatingly frustrating.!


  3. awesome fish! Great blog, you got a new follower

  4. Great blog! Emailed a while ago to ask if you're interested in contributing or even feature in a sport fishing magazine about urban trout fishing in Sheffield. Would be most glad if you could consider. Thanks.

  5. Great blog amazing to think just a few years ago crossing Tinsley the river was to say the least polluted with its thick white and pink foam. I lived in Wales for 20yrs fishing the Towy wouldnt it be nice to see Salmon return in numbers ...............a dream i know