Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Trout season is now well upon us - a quick visit to the Don after work with some tricky fishing put me into 2 trout today.

I fished an area I had not fished before, nearer the middle of town than previously. I had scoped it out a couple of days ago, when the pictures below were taken - lovely and warm, and not too breezy. That was not the case today however! A strong gusty wind was blowing downriver, making upstream casting very difficult.

I had on my usual set up of a copper john beneath a klinkhammer, and after a few missed takes I was surprised when a reasonable sized trout (for the Don!) shot up and took the Klinkhammer. That certainly woke me up, as did the next minute or two of good fight in a strong current.

After that, I had a smaller trout on the copper john, before heading home before the rush hour traffic got too bad.

Don't know the fisherman in the pictures below - he seemed to be having a nice afternoon!

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  1. Inspiring stuff! Nature insists on making these long term claims for her birthright! All we have to do is stop stealing the water and stop dirtying it.

    Keep it coming please.