Friday, 15 April 2011

Bailey bridge up to Norfolk bridge Weir

A warm and overcast day today, so reasonable conditions for a spot of fishing. I went down to Attercliffe again, parking on Effingham street and crossing the bailey bridge to access the river.

The river here is slow and wide, with lots of weed on the bottom. I quickly moved further upstream, and fished the faster waters down from the weir.

I was soon into some lively brown trout, all taking a gold head hares ear nymph below a klinkhammer - my standard duo type setup.

I worked on up to the weir, having 3 takes on dry flies right under the wall beneath the weir - 2 on a klinkhammer, and I then changed to a sedge, which also produced a rise. I failed to land any of these fish - probably still in winter nymphing mode rather than summer dry fly mode!

After a pleasant couple of hours, I headed back home - another urban fly fishing destination to add to the list!

The glide along the wall that produced some rises to dry flies

Looking upstream from the weir.

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