Sunday, 5 June 2011

Welsh Hills...

Off on my holidays again, not a fishing holiday but a holiday with the family (and the fishing gear may have been in the boot...)!

We were staying near Conwy in North Wales, and after a bit of researching, I found some affordable fishing nearby. £7.50 bought me a day ticket on Dolgarrog fishing clubs waters - specifically, some high up lakes in the back of the carneddau range of hills. My first target was Llyn Eigiau, 30 mins walk from the roadhead. I headed up there at 8am, after picking up my permit. The wind was battering me as I got out of the car, making me consider if it was even worth bothering to walk to the lake. However, I put my gear on and headed on up.

On arriving at the lake, the wind was gusting and I tackled up with a fast glass 40+airflo line on my 9ft 5wt rod. Its the biggest/heaviest rod I have, so would have to do! Even before casting, the wond was putting a decent bend in my rod - this did not bode well!

I started fishing near a weed bed, using a cats whisker as a single fly on a 12ft leader. The chap that sold me the ticket said that the trout here feed mainly on small fry, and this was as close to a "fry" like fly I had. After 20 mins of "casting" in some pretty strong winds, I had a take, but failed to land it. After a further 20 mins, I again connected to a fish and after a scrappy fight, I landed a nice brownie, about a pound or so.

I moved further up the lake, and after another hour or so, had another take, and landed another brownie, a little smaller than the first. This one was keen to get back into the water, and was a little camera shy!

After a couple of hours fishing, I was thoroughly cold (May the 31st in wales, and wearing a wooly hat!) and decided to head back to civilisation, and the family.
With activities planned for the afternoon, I would have to wait till the evening to get out again....

So in the evening I went out to Llyn Coedty, another of Dolgarrog's Club waters. This is an isolated reservoir, slightly lower than Llyn Eigiau, and in a beautiful setting.
I initially started fishing with the same set up as earlier, but got nothing. I fished up close to the dam wall, near the outlet and into the shallows. Nothing was moving, no sign of life. I then moved further up the shores of the reservoir, and found a handy rock to perch on and sort my gear out.

Suddenly, the ferocious wind dropped, and a hatch started, with fly life coming off the lake all over. The surface of the lake then came to life, with lots of splashy rises all over.
Click on the picture to see the rise forms on the lake

I changed set up from a sinking line to a floating line, and tried a variety of flys - F-flys, sedges, klinks, and a few others, all to no avail! Beaten, and with nightfall approaching, I headed back to the car and home to the cottage...

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  1. Great report! Actually this reminds me of the time I ( foolishly some would say ) attempted to fish Ladybower from the bank with a little 8ft for a 4 rod! During near cyclone conditions too. Though I,l admit I was nowhere as successful as yourself on this welsh mountainlake.

    Keep up the good work!