Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oughtibridge again, and again....

Some weekdays off allowed me to get out a couple of times last week - Wednesday and Friday. Despite cold-ish weather and recent rains, the river was low and clear.

Wednesday I fished with Matt, and Friday with my brother.
Both times we started down in Beeley Woods, and worked our way back up to the slower glide just below the bridge.

On Wednesday it was bitterly cold, so we only managed to fish and hour or so.
I managed one grayling, taken on the usual Copper John beneath a Klinkhammer indicator.

On the Friday, we started a bit lower into the woods, and had little success, a couple of knocks and I lost one fish. After a coffee stop (lesson learned from last cold wading session - flask packed this time!) we fished the glide downstream from the bridge at Oughtibridge.
I used a czech nymph set up this time, despite using my 7ft #2 rod (not ideal for this technique!).
I was using a Sawyers killer bug, on a 6 ft leader beneath a 4" braided indicator, with another 4ft of mono to the fly line.
This was clearly THE technique for the situation - I had 4 fish within 15 minutes, all reasonable size and a great fight on the 2 Wt rod.
2 Grayling and 2 brown trout later, we packed up and headed home.
My Brother also had a couple of Grayling, on a duo rig a little downstream from where I was fishing.

A great end to a few hours fishing.

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  1. Hi there! I've decided to follow this blog due to the fact that I very often fish the Don at Oughtibridge - I'm going to be looking out for some tips ;) It's good to know that Sawyers killer bug works here, I'll definitely give that a go when I'm next nymphing here. Thanks, Patrick