Thursday, 24 February 2011

Two fat ladies

So a quick jaunt out for an hour of nymphing for grayling, just near the Wednesday stadium. The river was up, not unfishable but flowing enough that I didn't bother putting my waders on- I didn't fancy wading in the high water, and the fishing I was doing could be done from the bank quite satisfactorily.

I was using a sawyers killer nymph below a indicator, instead of my usual wulff or klinkhammer. After 5 minutes I was into a reasonable fat grayling, which after a quick struggle, came to the net. As is so often the case, as I lifted the net i noticed the fly had already dropped out!

Having only my phone on me, I took a quick snap and returned the fish to the water.

By this time a couple of lads fishing above the bridge came down to see what I was up to. Thy made it clear they wanted to fish where I was, especially after I landed another fat grayling!

With the peace disturbed, and a couple of grayling landed, I packed up and headed for home...

A good little session, a couple of pound + grayling, and my first fish of 2011.

The temperature today was 14 degrees! Spring looks like it's on the way, and the trout season is just around the corner.

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