Friday, 21 January 2011

Tangling times...

So, first trip out in 2011, and I blanked. Not even a convincing take. I was fishing a bit of river I've not fished before, and the temperature had dropped overnight, giving a hard frost this morning (is that enough excuses??!?).

My plan was to try czech nymphing and go after grayling. I know the Don has a reasonable head of grayling, so thought it was reasonable to give it a go today. I tied a 2 fly rig, with a heavy czech nymph on a 10 inch dropper above a beadhead pheasant tail nymph. Searching out the water systematically produced nothing, except tangles!

The water on the cold cold day

I Switched back onto the Duo rig for a while as I worked upstream, until the varying depths of water meant switching back to a single czech nymph, with a well greased/flotant'ed fly line. Nothing was interested today - I suspect temperature and the bright sunshine had a part to play in this.

Usually I would have persisted for longer, but after an hour or so thigh deep in freezing water, I gave up and headed for a home and a nice hot cup of tea!

Now I'm waiting for the warmer weather and the start of the trout season to get back fishing the dry.....

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